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Feel natural, feel easeful.

"If you're here because your down part is not happy, I've been there.”
Hi there, I’m Annie, for me, weekend morning is always the time to relax and embrace nature,
I’m a big fan of mountain climbing and swimming, by doing exercising really helps me relieve stress.
However, the weather is getting humid and hot lately, I’m the kind of person who has a lot of sweat which sometimes makes me feel bothered and embarrassed.
The sweat of the apocrine glands contains protein and the bacteria break down this protein, which can output an unpleasant odor.
"You are not alone.”
It is completely normal of genital sweating, but I started doing research of
“How to get rid of unpleasant odor and have a healthy genital part”, by researching, I find out HH, the brand produces feminine hygiene products by using environmentally friendly ingredients. And I’d love to share some of my favorite products with you.
#1 Feminine Intimate Fresh Cleansing Soothing Spray
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First of all, the soothing spray is designed with a small bottle which is super convenient for me to take it anywhere. I’m enjoying using the spray because it is pH 3.8 which can maintain my intimate area at a healthy low acidity condition and the Citrus Cool scent has a special refreshing formula that effectively relieves my intimate discomfort. Moreover, the scent is from natural essential oil which smells very relaxing and comfy.
#2 HH Plant Extraction Feminine Intimate Wash
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The daily cleansing is very important too, before using feminine intimate wash, I was using the regular wash to clean my genital part, which makes my genital dry and pH unbalanced... However, ever since I started using the intimate wash, it’s moisturized my genital skin and the addition of antibacterial effect gives my feminine area an extra layer of protection.
Using both products together really help me get rid of unpleasant issues,
I hope you can have a healthy intimate part, you deserve it.