Herbal Journey with me!

I believe many girls have the awareness of odor, I’m one of them even I don’t have this problem. Sometimes just a little smell might be very cautious to the others.

Fish mint is a very popular herb in oriental Chinese medicine, they can also be used as plant antibiotics. It can be eaten as vegetables and become a Chinese herbal medicine. They usually are harvest in summer and autumn. They can help the body metabolize, anti-oxidant, antibacterial and reduce unpleasant odor.

This excellent herb is added to HH’s feminine wash and soothing spray because of its natural deodorant effect. It eliminates odor and gives a good scent of natural essential oil to your intimate part.

We still need to pamper ourselves during this pandemic period using the feminine wash and spray 1 pump on your intimate part to keep you fresh and smells good all day! Let’s cheer ourselves up with these wonderful products!