Unboxing HH Panties Detergent with Emily – HH Herb & Health

Unboxing HH Panties Detergent with Emily

Besides having beautifully well-dressed, good care for “inner body”- intimate part🌹 is also very important!
Having a normal daily routine, safe-sex behavior, and…

❗❗❗Keeping Your Undergarments Clean❗❗❗

My mom has been giving me a great concept that always washing your undergarment 👙 (bras & panties) with hands are more hygiene than washing them with washing machine!

Because it’s very easy to get a cross infection if you wash them together with your dirty clothes👚.
You can clean them thoroughly when you hand wash them but also avoid causing damage to fabric or underwear deformation!

So, I have the habit of washing my undergarments with hand since I was a kid👧.
Especially the panties, it is very easy to get dirty if you didn’t use a sanitary pad! And it might give you discomfort if you didn’t clean it well.

Take good care of your intimate health by yourself from hand-washing your undergarments🙆‍♀️!
I want to share with you guys about my recent favorite hand-wash detergent:

✨HH Antibacterial Panties Detergent ✨

HH is collided from 🌱“Herbs” and “Health”🌱

They highly emphasized combining herbs to health by using various natural plant extracts🌿 in their products. 

To keep it safe to use, they refuse of using Paraben, bleach, fluorescent agent, and other ingredients that will irritate the skin🚫

Their signature products are their 🌹Feminine Hygiene Series🌹

# HH Antibacterial Panties Detergent

🧪 Proteolytic Enzyme Preparation- Breaks down blood stains and secretion easily
🧪 Anti-mildew & Microbicide-E520 formula– Prevent bacteria and mold growth
 🧪 Lactic probiotics- Gives comfort and healthy environment to the intimate part
🧪 Hand-care formula- Neutral pH7 and moisturizing factors protect the hand from dryness
🧪Low-foam formula- Has fabric softener and no residue after rinsing rapidly

HH uses multiple safe formulae to ensure the health of female intimate part❤️And now let me show you how I use the #HH Antibacterial Panties Detergent

Step 1: Wet your undergarments

I will suggest soaking the undergarment in water first to get good foam when you rub them with it.

Step 2: Rub them gently with # HH Antibacterial Panties Detergent

I will suggest soaking the undergarment in water first to get good foam when you rub them with it.

Step 3: Leave for few minutes and rinse it with water

You can skip this if you don’t have any stubborn stains!
But if you do, you can soak them with warm water before rinsing them

Remember to be gentle in washing your undergarments 😉

#HH Antibacterial Panties Detergent has 3 scents to choose

White Musk🌲, Fresh Garden💐 , and Baby Powder👶

I love all 3 scents, because it doesn’t give artificial scent at all.
To be clear, I have been suffering to hand eczema🤚 for a long time. But I never had irritation or uncomfortable dryness after I used #HH Antibacterial Panties Detergent

hat’s why I’m satisfied with their products🥰

HH has other feminine care products other than the panties detergent.Such as feminine wash, odor soothing spray, and firming serum.
Which are also made with non-irritating formula and mostly in natural plant extracts!

Remember to give your vagina good basic hygiene care, it is also a part of your body 💖