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How common are infections?

Studies show over 70% of women have experienced vaginal infections (BV, yeast infection, STD), and this reminds us that women should take a better care on the hygiene of the lady parts. Infections usually happens on women who is having a weak immune system, poor hygiene bites or been having a hot and humid environment down there(wearing tight pants, long sitting…)


It’s normal to have an odor on your “cookies” but not the fishy one! A fishy odor is one of the common signs of having infections, and it often comes with itchiness and irritations like burning, vagina pain, or even abnormal discharge! 

Your vagina resides in a warm, and dark place that is a perfect breeding environment for bacteria! So, the imbalance or overgrowth of the bacterium in the vagina will be one of the main reasons you are getting an infection!

Some might stand for “Clean water is enough for your vagina”. However, a proper and gentle antibacterial formula will be a “plus” in your daily hygiene care especially for those women who can get infections easily! 

What is Quaternium-73?

Quaternium-73 is an antibacterial formula that is rated as Score 1(A finding generated from screening-level testing or a method less rigorous than alternate tests that more closely approximate real-world conditions.) by the EWG. Quarternium-73 can reach an excellent antibacterial activity with a very low concentration! In terms of anti-bacteria and anti-fungi of various kinds, Quaternium-73 is more effective than paraben methyl ester.

It is also be proved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan. With the gentle hypoallergic characteristics, Quaternium-73 also helps in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.  

Source: https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredients/723206-QUATERNIUM-73/

Our vagina does have its cleaning system and antibacterial will also be a helpful role especially for those who suffer infections easily! Feminine hygiene is important BUT overcleaning will break the balance of its pH level. The lactobacillus in the vagina maintains a good bacterial balance under the weak acid environment. Improper cleaning will cause the pH of the vagina will be too high and reduces the antibacterial ability, so sometimes overcleaning will also cause Vaginal infection.

Having a balanced pH level on your lady part is important too! HH has put a lot of effort into finding the perfect match formulas that can have both properties- antibacterial & balance pH level. After a long period of study, HH decides to use the combination of Quarternium-73 and 5 mild-acidity formulas (yeast extract, lactic acid, Leuconostoc, sodium acetate, and yogurt extract) into our product!

This is why one of our best sellers- HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash contains such gentle & excellent antibacterial function yet suitable for our delicate intimate part! HH also uses natural plant extracts that can help in moisturizing and anti-inflammatory skin, such as oats, aloe vera, silver white needle etc. 

“Feel natural, feel easeful!”- HH Herb & Health promised to give our customer a natural and gentle feminine care. 

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