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Hi, I’m Doris from Taiwan!

It’s exciting for me to see HH is now officially here in the United States, I know that HH is still a new brand to you; therefore, I would like to introduce myself and HH.

I started the beauty and skincare business when I was 23. I have sold beauty products for 17 years, from brick and mortar to online store; however, none of them that I genuinely enjoy because of their effects, fragrance, and ingredients.
I decided to make a perfect solution for myself and my loved ones.

My past working experience has allowed me to select the ingredients of each product more diligently, helped to make sure HH products are qualified and ready for sale. Our team engaged ISIPCA world-class perfumer from France to design exclusive scents for intimate products. Each aroma blends from 8 to 10 natural plant essential oils, which exudes a unique, charming, and natural fragrance. We pay attention to every detail to make sure customers enjoy our products and feel natural, effective, fragrant, and relaxing.

Our story

The name of our brand-HH is inspired by Herb and Health!
❤Herb is representing all the natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients we used.
❤Health is for the determination for us to use a hypo-allergic formula to lower any chance for you to get irritation.
I insist on the highest standards of manufacturing products, make products that I would also love to use.

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Our mission

We add a unique cooling formula, antibacterial ingredients, and more good ingredients to the feminine care products, which completely solve feminine problems like intimate odor, itchiness, dryness, sultriness, and infections.
We believe the effectiveness is why our products are well-selling in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, China which makes our customers enjoy the products and give positive feedback!